On the 4th May, Le Plastics signed a three year lease agreement and Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") for the Kingtom Dumping Site, Freetown. The MOU states that Le Plastics will establish a recycling plant at the dumping site that is capable of processing all of the waste plastics produced by Freetown's inhabitants.

Le Plastics' commitments to the citizens of Freetown as part of the MOU are as follows:

1. To establish a 100% efficient recycling mechanism for Sierra Leone that removes plastic waste and other rubbish from the environment, thereby improving sanitation and reducing the amount of pollution and related diseases;

2. To facilitate the distribution of bins to homes or companies for plastics waste collection;

3. To begin the processing of bio-degradable (organic) materials including food waste, cardboard and paper to compost, which will be shredded and store in breathable containers;

4. To assist with the establishment of plastics grocery bag and other plastic packaging recycling programs;

5. To increase the recycled content and/or the percentage of bio-degradable grocery bags offered for distribution;

6. To contribute to the creation of jobs and reduction of poverty among the people living in Freetown main rubbish dumps.

Renovation of the main warehouse

In the few short weeks since the MOU was signed, Le Plastics has commenced renovation works at the site and employed locals to manage the site and begin recycling activities, including sorting, cleaning and recycling waste plastic.

Contact for more information or to get involved.

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